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Welcome to Laxmo Polyflex Industries

Since the commencement of Laxmo, it has operated in harmony with a set of core values and attitude, which are critical to its continued success as a company, and as individuals .The core values and belief LAXMO has identified that would uphold in Laxmo quest for business excellence. Conduct business on the highest ethical basis Thrive on innovation – Invent new technologies. LAXMO ENGINEERS has been churning out Pipes since year 2003, which have manufacturing facilities at Rajkot, (Gujarat-India) and their products are well established in the market. Extremely highly praised for eminence, our products are well accepted in India and overseas.

Mr. Ashwingbhai Ghedia has played a stellar role in the growth of LAXMO and his efforts have helped make it one of the India’s leading manufacturers of all types of pipes. He has played an integral role in building LAXMO in attaining its current global as well as domestic reputation. His vision for the future includes establishing LAXMO as one of the top manufacturers of pipes. His vision is evident from the active role he played in establishing development in Indian markets to provide high-end quality solutions to major & global corporate clients.

It is the all time practice of the company to train the entire staff at regular interval to keep updated the strength of the company to produce the excellent quality of the products

Research of Laxmo Polyflex Industries

The success of the company all these years has been marked by constant Research and Development and adherence to the stringent quality requirements of the Indian Standards and to the usage of environmentally friendly raw materials.

Our major R&D facts :

  • A dedicated team of mechanical engineers
  • Finest Raw Materials
  • Strongly monitoring and controlling all the parameters of all the inputs and finishing products
  • R&D unit with state of the art equipments and facilities
  • Health and safety provisions like safety showers, emergency exit, fire-protection alarms & extinguishers located at all work areas